What is JAWS and its best alternatives

Smart Serials would like to provide the best information to the community about JAWS and its alternatives in the case a solution to unlock it can not be found.


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a popular screen reader software designed for people with visual impairments or blindness. It reads aloud the text on the screen and provides navigation through keyboard commands.

Best Alternative Software for JAWS:

  • NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)

    NVDA is a free and open-source screen reader for Windows that provides features similar to JAWS. It supports various languages and has a vibrant community for support and updates.

  • VoiceOver

    VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader software on Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It offers robust features to assist users with visual impairments in navigating and accessing content.

  • Window-Eyes

    Window-Eyes is a screen reader software developed by GW Micro, now part of Microsoft. It offers reliable performance and extensive compatibility with various applications and web browsers.