What is Exescope and its best alternatives

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Understanding Exescope

Exescope is a software utility that allows users to view, check and edit the internal structure of portable executable (PE) files on Windows. It helps users to analyze and understand the makeup of their executable files, including headers, sections, directories, and more. With Exescope, users can gain insights into the binary structure of their applications, and make necessary modifications if needed.

Best Alternative Software to Exescope

  • PE Explorer - PE Explorer is a feature-packed executable file editor for Windows. It allows users to explore, edit, and analyze the internal structure of PE files with a user-friendly interface. Additionally, PE Explorer provides advanced features for malware analysis and reverse engineering.
  • HxD - HxD is a fast and efficient hex editor that can be used to view and edit binary files, including executable files. It offers features like searching, copying, and modifying binary data in a straightforward manner.
  • Resource Hacker - Resource Hacker is a powerful resource editor for Windows executables. It enables users to view, modify, add, or delete resources within executable files, such as icons, dialogs, menus, and more.
  • Binary Ninja - Binary Ninja is a comprehensive reverse engineering platform that provides advanced analysis capabilities for binary files. It offers features like disassembly, decompilation, and scriptability for in-depth analysis of executables.
  • IDA Pro - IDA Pro is a professional disassembler and debugger used for reverse engineering and malware analysis. It supports various executable file formats and provides a wide range of features for analyzing and understanding binary files.