What is Ham Office and its best alternatives

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Exploring the Best Alternatives to Ham Office

Ham Office is a popular software used by amateur radio operators for logging contacts, managing QSL cards, and tracking awards. However, if you are looking to explore alternative options, here are some great choices to consider:

  • Log4OM - Log4OM is a user-friendly and feature-rich logging software that also offers rig control and cluster support.
  • N1MM Logger+ - N1MM Logger+ is designed for contesting and features advanced logging capabilities and integration with external devices.
  • DXKeeper - DXKeeper is part of the DXLab Suite and provides comprehensive logging, QSL management, and awards tracking tools.
  • CQRLOG - CQRLOG is a multi-platform logging program with features such as rig control, QSO management, and ADIF and Cabrillo support.