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1-Step Audio Publisher 2.22
1-Step Audio Publisher v2.22
Auto-IP Publisher 1.93p
Auto-IP Publisher 2.08
Auto-IP Publisher 2.18
Auto-IP Publisher v1.9.3d Win-95/NT
Auto-IP Publisher v1.91
Auto-IP Publisher v1.93
AutoIP Publisher 2.26
Belltech Small Business Publisher 1.2
HomePublisher 2.1
ID Publisher 1.03
Logic Works Web Publisher 3.5.1
MS-Office 2003 mit Publisher 2003 Professionel
Micrografx Picture Publisher v5.0 Win
Microsoft Office XP Professional with Publisher Version 2002
Microsoft Publisher 2002
Microsoft Publisher 2003
Microsoft Publisher 98
Now Web Publisher 3.6
Office XP Publisher xp
PicoBello Publisher 2.5.06
Publisher 2002
Publisher 2002 XP Profesional
Publisher 95
Publisher 98
Publisher XP
Site Publisher 2.2.52 Working
Site Publisher v.2.4
Source Publisher for Ada 1.4.222
SourcePublisher For Ada 1.4.284
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.249
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.250
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.271
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.274
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.295
SourcePublisher for Ada 1.4.299
SourcePublisher for C Plus Plus 1.4.286
SourcePublisher for C++ 1.4.229
SourcePublisher for C++ 1.4.250
StyleLine Designer for Microsoft Publisher
Ventura Publisher NL 3.0
Web Media Publisher Pro 2.36
Web Media Publisher Pro 3.0.6
Web Media Publisher Pro 3.1.1
Microsoft Office Publisher 2002

46 serial numbers found on Smart Serials database.