What is Zuma and its best alternatives

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Zuma - A Fun and Addictive Game

Zuma is a classic puzzle game where the player must match colored balls to eliminate them before they reach the center of the screen. It's known for its captivating gameplay and challenging levels.

Best Alternative Software to Zuma

  • Luxor - Luxor is another popular marble-shooting game with Egyptian-themed levels and power-ups to help you clear the board. It offers a similar gameplay experience to Zuma.
  • Sparkle 2 - Sparkle 2 is a visually stunning match-3 puzzle game where players shoot orbs to create matches of three or more. It features over 90 levels of gameplay and various power-ups.
  • Tumble Bugs - Tumble Bugs is a cute and colorful insect-themed game where players must save the rolling bugs by matching them with others of the same color. It's a fun alternative to Zuma with its own unique twist.
  • Peggle - Peggle is a casual puzzle game where players shoot balls at pegs to clear the board. It offers a mix of skill and luck, resulting in a challenging and addictive gameplay experience.
  • Marble Blast Gold - Marble Blast Gold is a fast-paced action game where players control a marble through gravity-defying courses while collecting gems and avoiding obstacles. It provides a different but equally enjoyable gameplay compared to Zuma.