What is Samurai Sudoku and its best alternatives

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Exploring the World of Samurai Sudoku

Samurai Sudoku is a challenging variant of the popular Sudoku puzzle game. It consists of five overlapping standard Sudoku grids with a total of 369 squares to be filled in.

If you enjoy solving Sudoku puzzles and are looking for some alternatives to Samurai Sudoku, here are some other puzzle games you might find interesting:

  • Killer Sudoku: A puzzle variation that combines elements of Sudoku and Kakuro, where the numbers in each cage must add up to the target sum.
  • Nonogram (Picross): A picture logic puzzle where you reveal a hidden picture by painting the correct squares based on the numerical clues provided for each row and column.
  • KenKen: A mathematical and logical puzzle where you combine math operations with Sudoku-like grid logic to fill in the numbers without repeating in any row or column.
  • Word Search: A classic puzzle where you find and circle words hidden within a grid of letters in various directions.
  • Logic Grid Puzzles: Solve complex puzzles by deducing the correct relationships between different elements based on the provided clues.