What is All My Movies and its best alternatives

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All My Movies: An Overview

All My Movies is a movie cataloging software that helps you organize your movie collection, track watched movies, and discover new ones. It allows you to add movies by title, barcode, or IMDb ID, and retrieve detailed information and artwork from online databases.

Best Alternatives to All My Movies:

  • EMDB (Eric's Movie Database): EMDB is a simple and intuitive movie cataloging software that allows you to add movies manually or import them from various sources. It offers features like internal and online databases for movie information retrieval.
  • Delicious Library: Delicious Library is a visually appealing cataloging tool that not only lets you organize your movies but also other items like books, music, and games. It offers barcode scanning functionality for easy item addition.
  • Coollector Movie Database: Coollector Movie Database is a comprehensive movie cataloging software that also provides movie recommendations based on your collection. It includes features like personalized movie ratings and online database syncing.
  • GCstar: GCstar is a versatile collection manager that supports not only movies but also other items like books, music, and video games. It allows customizable collections and easy import/export of data.
  • Personal Video Database: Personal Video Database is a free movie cataloging software that lets you organize your movie collection with detailed information and cover images. It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable data fields.