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4th Dimension SQL Server 6.0.6
Access2MySQL PRO 4.0
Access2MySQL PRO 4.2
Access2MySQL Sync 3.7
Access2MySQLPro 3.5
ApexSQL Diff 2.13.85
Apollo SQL Add-On 5.14
Butler SQL 2.0.2
CCS C5 ABC SQL For Clarion
DB SQL Assist 2.00
DB SQL Assist v2.00
DB SQL.lite 1.01
DataDirect Connect XML/SQL 2
FirstSQL 2.3 Desktop
Knowledge Base for Active PL/SQL 2000.2
LockwoodTech SQLClean 1.3.63
LockwoodTech.SQLInserts 2.4.115
MSSQLRecovery 1.0
Microsoft SQL 7.0
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1
MySQL Front
PL SQL Developer 6.0.5
PL/SQL Developer 6.0.4
PL/SQL Generator 99.2.5
PL/SQL Knowledge Base 2000
Quest SQL Navigator Xpert 4.4
Quest SQL Navigator Xpert Edition
RevealNet PL SQL Knowledge Base 99.2
SQL Compare 1.14
SQL Dev Pro 4.00.007
SQL Direct Pro 2.9.4
SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition
SQL Server Find 3.1
SQLDiff 1.15.43 (Full Site Licenses)
SQLWays 3.7.35
SQLphone Runtime 4.2
SQLyog 3.61
SQLyog Enterprise 4.0.5
Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 9.0.2
Titan SQLAnywhere Developer 4.01o
WINDOWS SQL SERVER 2000 sql 2000
WatCom Single User SQL
WhiteTown DBF to SQL 1.10
WinMySQL Professional 1.16
SQLEditor v1.4.3 MacOSX (Punkcracks)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Workgroup
PL/SQL Developer 8.0.4
PL and SQL Developer 7.1.5
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Pervasive SQL v8.6 Server Win
Microsoft SQL SERVER (2008-2019) PRODUCT KEYS:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Microsoft SQL Server 2019
Microsoft SQL Server 2017
LinqToSql - Bunble

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