What is Turbo Boost and its best alternatives

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Turbo Boost Overview

Turbo Boost is a feature developed by Intel that allows processors to run at higher clock speeds than their base frequency when necessary. This technology enhances the performance of the CPU for demanding tasks without compromising power efficiency.

Best Alternative Software to Turbo Boost

  • MSI Afterburner

    MSI Afterburner is a popular overclocking tool that allows users to boost the performance of their GPU by tweaking core clocks, memory clocks, voltage, and fan speeds. It also provides monitoring capabilities for real-time performance data.

  • ThrottleStop

    ThrottleStop is a powerful utility for adjusting CPU settings to improve performance and efficiency. It allows users to disable power limits, undervolt the CPU, and customize clock speeds to achieve optimal performance under heavy workloads.

  • Razer Cortex

    Razer Cortex is a gaming performance enhancer that helps optimize system settings, disable unnecessary processes, and prioritize resources for a smoother gaming experience. It also offers game booster features to maximize FPS and responsiveness.