What is Trainz Simulator 12 and its best alternatives

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Exploring Trainz Simulator 12

Trainz Simulator 12 is a popular train simulation game that allows players to build and operate their own virtual railroads. With realistic graphics and a variety of locomotives and routes to choose from, it offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience for train enthusiasts.

Best Alternatives to Trainz Simulator 12:

  • Train Simulator: A highly detailed train simulation game with realistic controls and accurately recreated routes from around the world.
  • RailWorks: Another popular train simulation game that features a wide selection of trains, routes, and customization options for players to enjoy.
  • Microsoft Train Simulator: An older title but still beloved by many train simulation fans for its extensive selection of trains and routes, as well as its modding community.
  • Open Rails: A free and open-source train simulator that allows players to run trains on various real-world routes with customizable features.
  • Derail Valley: A VR-compatible train simulation game that offers realistic train physics and tasks players with managing a freight train company.