What is MemTest86 and its best alternatives

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Why MemTest86 is essential for your computer?

MemTest86 is a robust memory testing software that helps you diagnose and troubleshoot issues related to your computer's RAM. By running comprehensive tests, it can identify faulty memory modules, which can cause system crashes, boot failures, and other stability issues.

Best alternatives to MemTest86:

  • MemTest86+: A community-developed alternative to the original MemTest86, offering similar functionality with ongoing support and updates.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic: Built-in tool in Windows operating systems for testing RAM, accessible through the Control Panel or by typing "mdsched" in the Run dialog.
  • MemTest64: A memory testing tool specifically designed for 64-bit systems, providing advanced features and compatibility with modern hardware.
  • Prime95: Though primarily known for stress testing CPUs, Prime95 includes a "Torture Test" mode that can also be used to test your system's memory stability.