What is Fences and its best alternatives

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Organize Your Desktop with Fences

Fences is a popular desktop organization tool that helps you clean up your desktop clutter by grouping icons into customizable containers. It allows you to create resizable sections on your desktop where you can organize icons based on category, priority, or any other criteria that suits your workflow.

Best Alternative Software for Fences:

  • Stardock Groupy:

    Groupy enables you to organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your desktop. It helps you declutter your workspace and improve productivity by allowing you to manage and switch between different windows more efficiently.

  • DesktopShelves:

    DesktopShelves provides a visually appealing way to organize and clean up your desktop. It lets you create customizable shelves where you can place icons, files, and folders, making it easier to find and access your important items.

  • Nimi Places:

    Nimi Places offers a unique approach to desktop organization by allowing you to create customizable zones on your desktop where you can place icons and files. It provides various organization options and customization features to streamline your workflow.