What is Angry Birds Space and its best alternatives

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Exploring the Universe with Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space takes the classic bird-flinging gameplay to a whole new level by adding a space-themed twist. With gravitational fields and astronomical obstacles, players get to experience a unique and challenging adventure.

Best Alternative Software for Angry Birds Space

  • Bad Piggies

    From the same creators as Angry Birds, Bad Piggies offers a role reversal where players control the pigs instead of the birds. With creative building challenges and physics-based gameplay, this game provides a fresh and entertaining experience.

  • Space Pigs

    Space Pigs offers a similar space-themed gameplay experience with cute characters and challenging levels. Players navigate through space obstacles to complete missions and unlock rewards in this fun and addictive game.

  • Alien Hive

    Alien Hive combines tile-matching puzzles with adorable alien creatures and a space setting. Players connect matching tiles to evolve the aliens and grow their hive while exploring different worlds and uncovering secrets.